Sat, Feb 9, 9 am-12 noon Curriculum Morning

Please join us for a journey through the Geography, Diversity and Anti-Bias work at Hilltop Montessori School. This year, we will focus on the Geography curriculum that has been a key component of the Montessori curriculum for 100 years. We have materials and lessons at all levels that celebrate the commonalities and differences of people and places across the globe. We have further enhanced these areas recently though our lens of “anti-bias”

Open House – Tuesday, January 29

Prospective parents are invited to join us at our open house on Tuesday, January 29th. We will start at 9 am with a tour of the campus and classroom observation. At 10 am teachers and students will be on hand to answer your questions and share their experience.

This is an adults only event.

November 15, 6:30pm, Parent Info Night: Executive Function at School and Home

Executive Function at School and Home: What is it and why does it matter?

This year Hilltop will be offering a special presentation,  “Executive Function at School and Home: What is it and Why does it matter?” with speaker Debbie Tracht, a Learning Specialist with expertise in Literacy, ADHD and the emerging field of Mind, Brain and Education.

This topic has been in the news more and more frequently as a discussion around the critical skills necessary for success not only in the classroom but ultimately in the complex world that lies ahead for our children. Dr. Maria Montessori was acutely aware of the importance of these skills and specifically referred to the child’s experience in the classroom as a time of “normalization”, a shift from disorder, impulsivity, and inattention to self-discipline, independence, orderliness, and peacefulness. We hope this talk will further our understanding of how we can teach our children what executive function skills are and how they can practice these skills in school and at home.

Here is an article that speaks specifically about the importance of developing executive function at early age.

We hope you will join us on Thursday, November 15 at 6:30pm .

The presentation will cover topics such as:
What is Executive Function and how does it relate to ADHD
Many factors that can impact Executive Functions
Recognize Executive Function strengths and weaknesses at home and school
Strategies to build and support Executive Functions

Cost: by donation
Location: Arts Barn at Hilltop Montessori School
Space is limited, RSVP at or call 802-257-0500

Sept 13 Thursday, Parent Meeting, The Year Ahead in Your Child’s Classroom

All Parents, All Programs are invited to learn about the upcoming year, curriculum topics, expectations and building student-parent-teacher relationships. Parents play a critical role in their children’s education.

Toddler, Children House and Lower Elementary
4:30pm Family Welcome, 5-6 pm Classroom Teacher Presentations
Upper Elementary and Middle School
5:30pm Family Welcome, 6-7 pm Classroom Teacher Presentations

This evening will provide:

  • greater understanding of academic work and social development
  • ways for you to be involved in your child’s education and create consistent expectations and experiences!

Middle School River of Spirit Odyssey Day 6

Tuesday, May 8th

Tour of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center
with Barbara Sahli and students of Malik Academy

Lunch at café with students of Malik Academy

Salaat Prayers

Meet with Brother David Vryhof from the monastery of the Society of St. John

Eucharist Service, Society of St. John the Evangelist

Last Supper in Harvard Square

My favorite part of the visit to the ISBCC was the call the prayer. The chanting was just extraordinary, and everyone worshipping Allah side by side rang so beautifully of peace and connection.

Today I did something I’ve never done before: go to a Mosque. I studied Islam, but seeing it in practice was enlightening. We started by putting on our hijabs. But putting it on, I suddenly felt part of something larger than myself. Instead of feeling oppressed, I felt connected to those millions of women proudly wearing them all over the world.

It was so great and beautiful to meet with the kids from Malik Academy. I have said that you don’t fully know a religion until you meet with people from the religion, but now I think you can’t fully know a religion until you meet with people of your own age from a religion.

A Story from the Islamic Society of Boston and Cultural Center
When my hijab came undone, Anisa fixed it for me. I made a friend. The end.

It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world to hug a group of people goodbye who you only met that day but already love. I wish we could have spent some more time with the Malik Academy students. They made me feel comfortable, even though I was wearing a hijab and was in a place I did not know. I feel sooooo lucky to have had this experience and I will never forget it. It’s amazing that people from different backgrounds and with different beliefs can have so much fun.

The monastery made me want to try out the monastic lifestyle. There was a welcoming a feeling all throughout the church. All the brothers seemed very happy and kind. Out of everywhere we’ve been, this has been the closest one to my religion.

Call to Prayer at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center