2019 Spring School Store

Welcome to the new Hilltop Montessori School Store!  

We are excited to bring you a new online shopping experience. A wonderful way to show your support of Hilltop!

This “Pop-up Shop” is only live until May 15, 2019 at mid-night….start shopping now!

Hilltop Montessori School themed items hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags and more will be available for purchase, check it out now, time is limited!

Orders will be completed within 2-4 weeks of the order deadline (5/15/2019). All orders will be bagged and delivered directly to the Hilltop main office for pickup.

NOTE: there are different brands in this store. Please be sure to check the listed size charts with each item. 

The Toddler Program
Ages 18–36 months
Children’s House
Ages 3–6
Lower Elementary
Ages 6–9
Upper Elementary
Ages 9–12
Middle School
Ages 12 –14