Family Participation

Parents play a vital role at Hilltop Montessori School. Involvement is welcome and necessary for Hilltop to succeed on every level: educationally, financially, and most importantly, as a model community for our children.

Parents are asked to participate in community activities, start of school clean up and in fund raising events throughout the year.

Fundraising Event Volunteers

Whether it’s grilling hot dogs at the Annual Fund Kick-Off Carnival, baking cookies for our holiday cookie swap, soliciting items for our spring auction or selling raffle tickets, successful fundraising at Hilltop simply could not happen without parent energy and time. Our goal for all fundraising activity is always three-fold: foster community; raise funds; and most importantly, have fun!

Classroom Representatives

Parents may also serve as a Classroom Rep helping teachers with various tasks like organizing chaperones for trips or coordinating classroom celebrations. They act as a liaison between teachers and parents in non-academic matters.

Winter sports and class trip chaperones

There are other occasions like class trips and winter sports where parent involvement is essential. Each year, parents are recruited to accompany students skating, cross country skiing or downhill skiing for six consecutive Thursdays starting in January.

General School Maintenance, Grounds Work, Carpentry and more!

In order to keep our lovely campus in tip-top shape, we rely on parents to help out with chores like: spreading woodchips on the playground, weeding flower beds and sprucing up classrooms at the start of the school year. We also invite parents, grandparents or special friends to share their talents in the classrooms in order to enrich student’s studies.


“For years I’ve been impressed with how parents participate. They volunteer at every level – painting cubbies and scrubbing the refrigerator, setting tuitions and approving the budget, guest teaching in biology, art and music. ”
— a Hilltop Parent
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