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Hilltop Montessori School, founded in 1972, is perched atop a hill on 43 acres in Brattleboro, VT. The school relocated several years ago to a custom built facility that houses a Toddler Room (18-36 months), two bright, sunny Children’s House (3-6 years) classrooms, a Lower Elementary (6-9 years), an Upper Elementary (9-12 years), as well as a fully equipped kitchen area, art and music rooms. The Middle School (12-14 years) enjoys its own house with comparable facilities. There is integrated computer use at the Upper Elementary and Middle School levels, woods and trails for hiking and cross country skiing, gardens, a greenhouse and a pond.  A newly constructed Arts Barn includes an all-purpose room, gymnasium, expanded music facilities and a theater.  130 students / 24 faculty-staff / American Montessori Society Full Member

Anticipated Staffing Needs for Next Year
If you are interested in joining our team of inspiring and dedicated staff, please send your resume and letter of interest to Tamara Mount at tmount@hilltopmontessori.org

Personnel Openings:

Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director  Hilltop Montessori School is looking for a Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director. This is a part-time position working with students ages 5-14 years old.

The physical education program at Hilltop Montessori School is a holistic program offered to students from Pre-school through 8th grade. It is a balance between developing individual skills and learning to work as part of a team/group. A broad range of life-long activities are introduced including ball related team games (soccer, kickball, lacrosse, ultimate, basketball) and individual or small group activities (dance, gymnastics, skiing, snowshoeing, running). The physical education teacher must be able to work with a wide variety of ages and talents and be able to balance high expectations with kindness and humor.

The PE teacher must have an understanding of the physical developmental stages of pre-school-middle school age children and will implement an appropriate curriculum for each age group. The PE teacher will keep a record of the progress of each student and communicate problems to the classroom teachers. In addition student evaluations are required twice a year.

Additional responsibilities include after-school coaching of soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee; scheduling team games afterschool with other schools, and organizing and supervising the winter sports program (including transportation and chaperones for ice skating, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing and snowboarding).

Successful candidates will have strong organizational skills, good communication skills, and a natural ability to connect with children of different ages and abilities.


  • BA
  • 3 years teaching experience, preferably in a physical education program
  • CPR/First Aid
  • A clear criminal record including fingerprinting

Technology Facilitator/Instructional Specialist – Part-time (likely) – Experience with Apple iOS in using iPads, laptops, and desktops to facilitate learning in the Elementary and Middle School setting. Must be able to assist with classroom projects and curriculum by offering suitable technology that will support student learning. Responsibilities will include:


  • teaching a 1 week Summer programming camp to students 9-12 years old
  • leading an after school programming class (likely once a week) for students 9-15 years
  • assisting teachers in setting up and maintaining hardware and software for their Upper Elementary classrooms (currently iPads, Apple laptops and desktops)
  • assisting with classroom technology lessons and integration into the classroom curriculum, as appropriate
  • preparing and presenting Digital Citizenship lessons (such as those based on the curriculum provided by Common Sense Media) for grades 4-8 Upper Elementary and Middle School aged students
  • assisting with maintenance of the web page and social media presence in coordination with admin staff
  • trouble shooting for admin and teachers with school IT infrastructure


Toddler Program Assistant – Full-Time (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.)- Experienced, calm, and confident working with toddlers/children. Able and willing to follow lead of head teacher. Montessori Infant/Toddler certification preferred. Responsibilities will include:

  • Set-up, organize materials and clean work areas as directed
  • Meet with the Head Teacher to discuss goals for the class and for individual students
  •  Assist in the making and preparation of classroom materials
  • Take lead responsibility for diaper changing and toileting of students
  • Report or record observations to the Head Teacher
  • Take attendance, prepare snack, set up and supervise lunch, supervise both lunch and dismissal recess and nap time
  • Develop a weekly theme with the head teacher for the newsletter, take pictures, and if agreed, write the article 
  • Help students to develop independence in self-care: toileting, dressing
  • Help students maintain their classroom environment: cleaning, putting work away
“One can pass quite close to the child and yet not see him.”
—Dr. Maria Montessori
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