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Monday, 22 Dec 2014

Alabama Odyssey Day 3

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Friday, April 5

7:30 breakfast at Hargis

9:30 Joe Minter –“Africa in America”

Drive to Montgomery

1:00 lunch Filet and Vine

2:00 Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

3:00 Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial Center

3:30 Greyhound Bus Station Freedom Ride Museum

5:00 Charlie Lucas - Pink Lily

On to Selma

Dinner with our hosts, David and Sharon Jackson of the Selma House


To be different

to look outside

where no one will find you

into your own world of beauty

of self reliance

to be in the reach of perfection

a life without distraction

to dance to a beat

created in the soul

perfected in the heart

I am different

you are different

we are the same.


Day 3 -- still alive.

Stepping into Joe Minter's yard is like stepping into a Dr. Seuss Bible.


How can one describe Joe Minter's property, the speeches given at Dexter Ave. Baptist Church, Charlie Lucus' humor and attitude? How can these experiences be described in simple words? To be fully realistic, they can't, but the memories will never leave.


Two artists

One is driven

by religion

and ancestors.

One is driven

by beauty and

function and


One is surrounded by his ancestors

One hardly has any family that speaks to him

Both with hard lives.


Without glue

without tape


can fit things with one another


can create my dreams


it is incredible,

how such wonders

can be built from the ground up

with nothing at all

And that I

no matter how much money is in my pocket,

no matter what materials I am provided,

can make something wonderful

We, as humans,

are all natural born artists.

Some choose to embrace this trait,

which we are all given,

to make their life,

their love,

their mind,

their heart.


Jonah recites his speech in the voice of Bayard Rustin from the pulpit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Montgomery

Rhea recites her speech in the voice of Rosa Parks from the pulpit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Montgomery

You don't want to fall through the cracks of life.

Charlie Lucas

If you live right, you sleep well at night.

Joe Minter

Click on embedded video for a short view of Joe Minter's work