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Saturday, 20 Dec 2014

Alabama Odyssey Day 2

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Reverend Webb's intense speech coupled with the historic surroundings made me feel the presence of all the people who had taken part in the Children's March. When  I looked out at Kelley Ingram Park I could almost see the firehoses and dogs.


When Reverend Webb in the human chain, I felt truly and literally connected to the hundreds of warriors in the Civil Rights Movement. Reverend Webb took my hands and it was like we had been holding hands our whole lives.


Dear People of the Civil Rights Movement,

People do not know you as much as they know Dr. King but you helped make it happen. You were not known but went to all the mass meetings in Birmingham. You were not known but went to jail in the Children's March. You were not known but were in the Bloody Sunday March, the march to Montgomery, and the March on Washington. You were not known but you are the Civil Rights Movement.


The people here are so open. It seems to highlight how restrictive can be. I have met very few people in my life who are able to treat a group of people they have never met before as if they knew them for their entire life. When a person opens up to you, you open up to them.


Reverend Webb was very passionate. She had a strong voice that was so easy to follow. She looked into your eyes like she was trying to cleanse you soul. She made you not want to look away. She made you scared that if you blink, you will loose connection to this motivational, powerful figure.


At the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute I was moved by the room with life sized etched glass figures of white people. They all had scowls or hateful faces. At the other end of the room was a full KKK robe and one of their wooden crosses that had been used in their burning ritual. While walking through this room, I felt what it must have been like for a small child who was being glared at through hateful eyes. It was a very intense room to be in.


Lexi sings her song, Four LIttle Girls, in the church that is described by her song.

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